Zombie Row: Why East Fremont is the Las Vegas that will never die

No matter how things change on the Las Vegas Strip, East Fremont will remain.

The Sin City Siren

Every day I drive through a time loop called East Fremont Street. I want to be clear that this is not the newly branded Fremont East, denoted with fancy monument signs and the fire of ex-Burning Man sculptures. This is the Fremont that time forgot – a dozen or so blocks that take a hard left from quirky right into lonely and brutal. This is not the place of downtown developer plots or nostalgia fever-dreams. This is the place where dreams go to die – and then come back from the dead.

Zombie row.

Having spent my childhood ambling about in a dozen or so states and almost two-dozen cities – from the shadow of the St. Louis Arch to the wilds of Sarah Palin country – I’ve seen towns on every part of the bell curve. Of course, you want to find yourself on the rising side of a…

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