7 reasons why fixing Nevada’s failing education system is everything

I wrote this in 2014 and sadly it is still relevant. Nevada and Las Vegas continue to be at the very bottom of education rankings in the nation. We will continue to lose out on jobs and economic diversification until we recognize that education is an infrastructure improvement, not a political scapegoat.

The Sin City Siren

Yesterday progressives held an event to launch an initiative to fix Nevada’s failing education system. At this point being dead last on nearly every single educational ranking system should be reason enough to get real about Nevada’s worst kept secret. But just for kicks, let me give you an overflowing fistful more:

  1. Jobs (aka diversifying the economy, stupid): With the third highest high school dropout rate in the nation and a low number of college-degree holders, Nevada will continue to struggle to diversify its economy with sweet, sweet high-paying jobs. (It turns out that high-paying job-holders need quality places to send their kiddos to school and high-paying-job-producers need an educated workforce from which to draw employees.)
  2. Stronger tax base: If we cut the national dropout rate in half, some experts estimate that it could add $90 billion to the national economy. And considering that Nevada’s graduation rate is…

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