On the GOP’s love affair with Ayn Rand: You’re doing it wrong

As evergreen a post as you can get when it comes to politics and Ayn Rand.

The Sin City Siren

Photo illustration by monkey_bob99x via Creative Commons Photo illustration by monkey_bob99x via Creative Commons

The Romney campaign has gone all flibbidy-woo over Paul Ryan, making him the GOP vice presidential candidate. And, apparently, everyone in my generation (Hello, Gen Xers!) are going to be super happy about it. (Not.)

I’m not sure who’s more happy about this nomination, my liberal friends or the conservatives who hate us. But one thing is for sure, I am already so over hearing Ayn Rand references. My twitter exploded with them as soon as the nom was announced! (PS: Can I block twitter followers based on their enthusiasm for Rand? Because if so, I need to learn how to do that.)

Besides my zealous distaste for all things Rand, the English lit nerd in me is also quite peeved. (And they say you can’t use an English degree! Ha!) Because over and over again I have been seeing quotes…

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