The unquenchable desire: On the compulsion for more, more, more

What would happen if we openly acknowledge our desire for stuff and what that does to us, whether it’s over-spending, bad budgeting, credit card debt, or holding on to each penny so tight because of fear of poverty?


Desire is unquenchable. Likewise, it is our attachment to things that causes suffering. Learn to detach from desire, and you’re on your way to enlightenment. Or, so I’ve been told.

These days I’ve been thinking a lot about attachments and desires and, well, stuff. All the stuff. From all the shoes that fall out of the hall closet every time I open it to the books that are stacked two-levels deep in every bookcase in my house (and I have a bookcase in nearly every room of my house). There’s a lot of stuff. And like the fabled tribbles, it all seems to multiply when I’m not looking.

To be fair, I don’t live alone. There are two other people living in my house who consume their share of goods. Indeed, my husband owns more shoes than I do. (Runners!) And don’t get me started on my daughter’s toys…

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