The Tired Feminist Awesome Halloween Costume List


Welcome to the Halloween costume post!

Clichéd and sexist Halloween costumes have always bothered me. They’re bad for women in a misogynistic culture that seeks to only objectify femininity and never allow it subjective, autonomous space. But they are also bad for a holiday that should be all about creativity, humor, fun, and even a little magic.

When I walk into a Halloween costume section of any store, I am immediately angered and disappointed by the selection. Not just for girls who get slap-a-tutu-on-it costumes but for boys, too, because the gender lines are so damn rigid you could cut bread with it. It’s a trap. And it saps all the creative inspiration from a holiday that has so much potential!

To wit, I have scoured the internet, pestered my friends, and racked my noggin for inspiration to share with you. You’re welcome!

Editor’s note: Please keep in mind, this…

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