Target’s Project 62: The stuff of midcentry modern dreams or just rebranding?

The Gentrified Nomad

There’s been a lot of breathless coverage of Target’s new home line, Project 62, set to officially launch on Sept. 19. At first (millennial) blush, the line looks to restore Target’s rep as a purveyor of covetable design trends without the hefty price tag that made the big box chain all the rage in the early 2000s.

I admit, the early press photos and splashy web page, whet my appetite.

On a recent trip to my neighborhood store, I spotted some early stocked Project 62 items, mostly small home goods like lamps and pillows. The goods were stylish, but not really that much different from Target’s Threshold brand. In fact, I saw some silver elephant table art that is exactly like brass elephants Target’s been carrying all year. They were even on the same shelf next to each other!

Check it out:

Another thing I noticed in the publicity…

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